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Dependencies install

ANTARES depends on severals mandatory libraries.

This section describes the installation procedures for the third-party Open source libraries used by ANTARES. The installation procedure can be done

  • by compiling the sources after cloning the official git repository (see here for more informations)
  • by using a package manager

Install with package manager

For Windows we will use vcpkg to download and compile the libraries. vcpkg is available as a submodule in ANTARES.

You must install the corresponding vcpkg-triplet depending on Antares version and libraries load:

  • x64-windows : 64 bits version with dynamic libraries load
  • x86-windows : 32 bits version with dynamic libraries load
  • x64-windows-static : 64 bits version with static libraries load
  • x86-windows-static : 32 bits version with static libraries load

The vcpkg-triplet used will be named [vcpg-triplet] later in this document.

  • Init submodule and install vcpkg
git submodule update --init vcpkg
cd vcpkg

Note :

all vcpkg command further described must be run from vcpkg folder. This folder will be named [vcpkg_root] later in this document.

  • Install dependencies
    cd vcpkg
    vcpkg install wxwidgets boost-test --triplet [vcpg-triplet] 
sudo yum install git redhat-lsb-core gcc gcc-c++ make wget centos-release-scl scl-utils rpm-build
sudo yum install cmake3 devtoolset-9
sudo yum install libuuid-devel unzip wxGTK3-devel boost-test boost-devel
sudo apt install uuid-dev libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev
sudo apt install libboost-test-dev
sudo apt install uuid-dev libwxgtk3.2-dev libboost-test-dev

Automatic libraries compilation from git

Antares dependencies compilation repository is used as a git submodule for automatic libraries compilation from git.

Apart from OR-Tools, all dependencies can be built at configure time using the option -DBUILD_ALL=ON (OFF by default). For a list of available option see Antares dependencies compilation repository.

You can set -DBUILD_ORTOOLS=ON to download & build OR-Tools. It is also possible to use a precompiled archive, see below.

For compiling the package yourself from git, additional build dependencies are needed (see here).

Pre-compiled OR-Tools : release+static only

You can download a precompiled OR-Tools archive that contains headers & static libraries.

Please note that dynamic linking with OR-Tools is only supported in Linux.

Decompress the archive, and provide its path as a CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH. If you use XPRESS, you may need also to specify XPRESS_ROOT.

Defining dependency install directory

When using multiple directories for Antares development with multiple branches it can be useful to have a common dependency install directory.

Dependency install directory can be specified with DEPS_INSTALL_DIR. By default install directory is <antares_checkout_dir>/../rte-antares-deps-<build_type>

Note :


Pre-compiled libraries download : release version only

You can download pre-compiled antares-deps archive from Antares dependencies compilation repository. Only release versions are available.


For windows, you must you use a MSVC version compatible with MSVC version used in GitHub Action.