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Developer advice

Ignore submodules to make git operations faster

Antares_Simulator is quite a large project, with a few large submodules. In file .git/config, you can add this line to all [submodule] sections

ignore = all

This way git won't waste time computing diff on these when checking out, diffing commits, etc. git operations should be a lot faster. Keep in mind that your submodules won't be updated.

Disable the UI build to make builds faster

The UI takes up a good chunk of compilation time. It is enabled by default, byt you can disable it by providing CMake with this option at configure time

cmake -S src [...] -DBUILD_UI=OFF

Use Ninja to speed up target generation by CMake

At configure time, you may specify Ninja for generation instead of traditional Make. This will speed up the update step after you made small changes to the code.

cmake -S src [...] -G Ninja

Note that you may need to install Ninja first (package ninja-build on Ubuntu).

Adding the solver build path to your PATH

If you use antares-x.y-solver often, you may find it convenient to add it's location to your PATH. In your .bashrc, add (with slight variations)

export PATH="$PATH:path/to/Antares_Simulator/build/solver

Then you can open a terminal and execute antares-x.y-solver by just typing