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Tests (developer)

This document describes the workflow used for the non-regression studies that are executed before every release. The goal of these tests is to avoid any unexpected change in the results, thus ensuring compatibility of the new versions with the old ones.

Antares Simulator's non-regression tests are divided in two repositories:
- Antares_Simulator_Tests_NR contains the study batches (inputs). These batches are published in releases and do not contain any result. - SimTest contains the study batches as well as reference results for some of the studies.


This repository publishes releases. Each release contains the following files:

  • study-batches.txt, a newline-separated list of study batches. A study batch is a group of Antares studies in the same directory. Note that some studies may also be placed in a subdirectory.
  • Archives containing the study batches.

Here is an example of one version of study-batches.txt:


And here is the list of the corresponding archives:
- - - -

These archives can be found at the following URL:<release tag>/<archive name>

In each study, there is a check-config.json file containing the necessary information for running tests.


This is the source of releases. Each release contains the following files: - study-batches.txt. It is merely a copy of study-batches.txt from Antares_Simulator_Tests_NR. - For each study batch listed above, and for each target OS, an archive containing study results.

As above, check-config.json are packaged in the archives: one per study.

Here is a list of archives corresponding to the batches above (in this example, target OS are windows-latest and ubuntu-latest):


In the future, CentOS 7 should be included as well.

Configuration files

Every study contains a check-config.json file that configures the test. Here is its content.



The name of the test. Not really important, and currently not used.


The list of checks that the test should conduct on the results.
Contains one output_compare and one integrity_compare json objects.


Either an empty json object ({}), or ?? TODO


Either null, or ?? TODO

Full example



The workflow is the following:

  1. Create a release in Antares_Simulator_Tests_NR (only if new studies are introduced). Tag it X.
  2. Create a release in SimTest (only if a new feature is introduced, ie some results have changed) from Antares_Simulator_Tests_NR, tag X and Antares_Simulator, tag Y.
  3. Use the release in SimTest to compare results of tag Z in Antares_Simulator. In this step, pytest is used as well as the check-config.json configuration files to test new results against the reference results.

Note that steps 1 and 2 are rarely used, therefore there is no need to automate them. Step 3, however, is to be run for every Antares_Simulator release, and so it is automated in the 'run_tests' workflow.