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Antares Simulator is an open-source power system simulator.
It is meant to be used by anybody placing value in quantifying the adequacy, or the economic performance, of interconnected power systems, at short or remote time horizons:

Transmission system operators, power producers, regulators, academics, consultants, NGOs and all others actors concerned by energy policy issues are welcome to use the software.

The Antares Simulator project was initiated by RTE (French Electricity Transmission system Operator) in 2007. It has been developed since the beginning as a cross-platform application (Windows, GNU/Linux, Unix).

Until 2018, it had been distributed under the terms of a proprietary license.

In May 2018, RTE decided to release the project under the GPLv3 license.

In January 2024, RTE, as the exclusive copyright owner, decided to switch from the GPLv3 to the MPLv2 license, starting with the 9.0 version of Antares Simulator.

The GUI is deprecated in favor of Antares Web.